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As we approach Spring, outdoor dining becomes the go-to. But we can never rely on the British weather to work with us. As we know all too well, you can make your plans for your outdoor dinner dates, and within seconds, plans are ruined by an unexpected downpour.

Outdoor dining is usually associated with the warmer months, guests admittedly love dining al fresco. However, what if you could use your outdoor space all year round? Thus increasing the footprint of a restaurant, lounge, café or a rooftop bar. And is a great way to add more revenue and gross profit.

In fact, providing outdoor dining can increase revenue by 30% on average – possibly much more if you cater for round-year use of an open-air space.

There are many ways to attract more customers to your establishment, but outdoor seating is high up on the list.

Eating outside is great for business, but for most it is not always so simple.

The hardest part about providing quality outdoor dining is the weather. You also need to consider setting up and folding down furniture, providing appropriate menus,  and heating up the space. It can be constant work. With our climate becoming so unpredictable, it’s difficult for restaurant owners to count on the patio seating revenues.

The Astreea Igloo can solve your outdoor dining challenges! The Astreea Igloo is a weatherproof bubble protecting your guests from the wind and rain in the colder months. While in warmer months just swap the weatherproof cover for stylish water-resistant textile covers, The St Tropez and Caribbean covers. These summer alternatives are the perfect combination for providing sunshade and allowing the summer breeze to flow through.

Take control of your outdoor space with these handy tips:
  • Turn dining into an experience

Turn your investment into profit by charging your customers a premium for the outdoor bubble experience. As well as extra seating for your guests, most would be happy to pay a premium just for the experience, of course you can market it this way to draw more people in! Providing an experience for your guests is a great way to stand out from the rest. Having unique dining pods allows you to elevate your marketing and your guests will leave with a great story to tell!

  • Protect your guests from the elements

One of the main features of owning an Igloo is you can protect your guests from all the elements including showers, wind, and the sun! Astreea Igloos can withstand up to 35 mph winds keeping your guests nice and cosy inside.

  •  Cater all year round

Stay open all year and utilise your outdoor space. With the Astreea Igloos you can change the cover depending on the weather, allowing you to cater to your guests all year in your extra outside spaces.

  • Create private spaces for your guests

With the Astreea Igloos you can create a nice private space for your guests to enjoy the benefit of eating out without being too close to your other diners.

Why choose the Astreea Igloo?

The Astreea Igloo is a weatherproof bubble, designed for outside use, to protect your guests from the winter elements. But it isn’t just any ordinary outdoor cover, made in a European aerospace factory the frame is made entirely from aerospace aluminium, meaning its built to last.

At Astreea we understand that providing customers with outdoor seating is not as simple as a table and chairs, not with our unpredictable British weather. The Astreea igloo gives you somewhere warm and dry for customers to eat outside and will entice visitors to choose your venue over others.

NEW Igloo Pro

Astreea have just released a new cover for their igloo frame. The cover is made from polycarbonate panels giving a more permanent and robust structure.

The new Igloo Pro along with its polycarbonate cover includes a sliding door panel with a locking system allowing for easier access. The 360-degree dome allows you an uninterrupted view without having to feel the chill of a late night. Ideal for restaurants, home dining, glamping, outdoor events, or garden igloo. There are so many uses and possibilities for our outside cover from providing protection from the elements for restaurant diners.

The sliding door panel can also be purchased separately and is designed to retrofit onto the existing igloo frame and Oslo cover. The Igloo Pro is made of aerospace aluminium and weatherproof PVC, transforming your igloo instantly.

Astreea Igloos are already providing hundreds of venues with increased dining options and footfall, and they can help you to achieve the same.

Visit to find out more or call 0330 2200671 to speak to one of our friendly advisors.

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