Oslo Cover (*Only available in X-large*)

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Please note this is just a cover, no Igloo frame is included in this product.

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Our Oslo cover is a waterproof PVC cover creating an uninterrupted 360° view of your surroundings. Adding style and shelter to your Astreea Igloo frame, ideal in the winter months to provide protection from unpredictable UK weather. There are so many uses and possibilities for our outside cover from providing protection from the elements for restaurant diners or a garden furniture alternative for your home. Choose the Astreea Igloo for an alternative garden shelter to dine and spend time with family and friends. Use it as an outdoor cinema experience, cosy night in for two or a stargazing opportunity. 

Hospitality, extend your outdoor area with Astreea Igloos to capitalise lost time after closure. Provide a warm, cosy and inviting outdoor dining option for your guests and capitalise outdoors even when the weather would normally stop you.

PLEASE NOTE this is just an extra cover, no Igloo frame is included in this product.

Size options | Oslo Cover comes in three sizes to fit your Medium, Large or Extra Large Igloo.

Benefits of purchasing Oslo Cover

  • Made of transparent 0.6mm PVC film
  • Door with zip closure
  • Weatherproof
  • Can stand up to 30mph wind
  • Adds warmth

This product includes

  • Oslo Cover
  • Rope
  • Ball Elastics

This is an external structure so condensation is likely, we recommend regular ventilation to help this. To help stretch the Oslo cover over the frame, store your cover in the warm prior to assembling for ease.

Delivery details | We normally deliver between 3 and 5 working days. Our customer service team will contact you to arrange a suitable time.  

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