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Astreea Igloo Plus is an aluminium metal frame, with a polycarbonate cover and sliding door panel and locking system. The 360-degree dome allows you an uninterrupted view without having to feel the chill of a late night. Ideal for restaurants, home dining, glamping, outdoor events or garden igloo. There are so many uses and possibilities for our outside cover from providing protection from the elements for restaurant diners or a garden furniture alternative for your home. 

Size options | Astreea Igloo comes in three sizes to fit your needs, whether it’s a dinner with your household, a larger gathering or even an intimate wedding breakfast alternative. 

Medium = 2-6 people | 3.03m diameter | 2.5m base diameter | 2.3m height | 85 kg
Packaging (2 boxes): Box 1 for frame: 2050x560x250mm 35kg Box 2 for Oslo cover: 2150 x 1250 x 420mm 50kg

Large = 4-10 people | 3.72m diameter | 3.2m base diameter | 2.5m height | 110kg
Packaging (2 boxes): Box 1 for frame: 2050 x 560 x 250mm 40kg Box 2 for Plus cover: 2150 x 1250 x 420 mm 70kg

Extra Large = Up to 16 people | 4.84m diameter | 4.2m base diameter | 2.75m height | 130 kg
Packaging (2 boxes): Box 1 for frame: 2300x650x250mm 50kg Box 2 for Oslo cover: 2150 x 1250 x 420mm 90kg

Benefits of purchasing Astreea Igloo Plus
  • Plus cover is weatherproof
  • Frame made from aerospace aluminium
  • Vintage lighting included
  • Coat hooks
  • Optional weights – not required in all circumstances
  • Cover made of 2mm high-quality UV thermoformed polycarbonate
  • 2-year warranty on frame
  • No extra flooring needed
  • Sliding door and locking system
  • Ready supplied screw holes for adding extra decoration
  • Made in the EU
This product includes
  • Aluminium frame
  • Aluminium brackets for securing to floor
  • 3x vintage lightbulbs
  • UK standard plug
  • Fixings for frame
  • Allen keys and spanners
  • 2x coat hooks  
  • Plus Polycarbonate cover
  • Plus Sliding Door Panel

This is an external structure so condensation is likely, we recommend regular ventilation to help this.

Delivery details | We normally deliver between 3 and 5 working days. Our customer service team will contact you to arrange a suitable time. 

Weights | Although they are not essential for some outdoor conditions, we do have weight options available if required for security or to withstand winds or strong weather conditions here. 

See how our customers are styling their Astreea Igloos on our social media here.


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