Flower Beds

How do the Astreea Igloos stay in place?

Looking to secure your igloo in place? Well, there are several different solutions depending on your needs.

  1. Planter weights
  2. Textile sand weights
  3. Mounting clamps

Flower Bed Planter weights

Looking for a more permanent weight solution for your Astreea Igloo? Choose the NEW powder coated Astreea Igloo Flowerbed Weight option for a strong and sturdy support system for your frame with the benefits of it looking good too!

Fill the flowerbed with any of your favourite flowers, succulents, or something else of your choice to seamlessly blend in with garden surroundings. One Flowerbed weighs 8kg unfilled and can be loaded with up to 50kg of soil and flowers. As a hospitality venue offering outdoor dining all year long, this permanent weight solution is perfect throughout the seasons. 

We recommend for a Medium Igloo: 7 weights, for a Large Igloo: 9 weights and for an Extra-Large Igloo: 11 weights.

How to install

Flowerbeds clamp onto the bottom of your Igloo frame and screw in. Each Flowerbed attaches to the one next to it by screwing a bracket in between.

Textile Sand Weights

Need to weigh your Igloo down for security and weather reasons? The Astreea Igloo Fabric Sandbag Weight will do just the job. Fill our durable fabric weights with a filling of your choice, up to the weight of 15kg each, for a quick, easy, and portable weight option. An Astreea Igloo is designed to withstand wind speed of up to 30mph so with the extra weight of 15kg sandbags, the Igloo is secured even more when the weather starts to turn. If you are a hospitality venue looking to add some security to your Igloos in an affordable way, we recommend the added weight of our fabric sandbags. 

With the textile sand weight and the planter weights, you can also set up our igloos on a lawn! The latter also serve as a decorative element. 

Mounting Clamps

To be able to withstand storms, we recommend the fastening clamps, which are screwed on a solid surface. 

For more information on the Astreea Igloos click here or if you have any queries, you can contact us on 0330 2200671 or email [email protected].

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